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The 7 Questions You Must Always Ask Your Pharmacist


It is important to always be aware of the things regarding your health. Watch what you drink. Watch what you eat. Be fit, physically and mentally. Be emotionally ready for the stress that you may face. Be healthy. Be mindful of your health at all times. Your well-being will come in many different aspects – and they would all need to be balanced.

Regardless of that, do not pressure yourself. Instead, educate yourself and be prepared for whatever that comes your way. After all, is that not what everyone is saying? “Prevention is better than cure.” Since it is regarding your health, that also means you have to know everything concerning your condition, and the medication you are taking. When you do drop by the pharmacy to get your prescribed medication or get a refill, always remember to know the questions you need to ask.

Here’s a little help from Sunshine Pharmacy, your Retail Pharmacy in Lake Mary.

  1. What is the medication called?

    Ask for the generic name and the brand name. It is additional knowledge to ask this of your pharmacist. Always take in the familiarity of the medication, because the names could be similar to others and could confuse you in the future.

  2. Always ask what the medication is for.

    Ask for specifics regarding the medication as well. How does it differ from other brands? What can the medication do for you? How is it supposed to work? What should you expect after taking the medication?

  3. What are the customers’ feedbacks on the medications?

    Ask for the options of other takers regarding the medication. Did they have good feedback? Did they have bad feedback? It is always best to know what the others have gone through with certain medication. It is your right to know what you will be taking. It is, after all, your health at stake.

  4. What are the side effects of the medication?

    Always know that people respond to medications differently. Not everyone gets the same effect, and it sometimes doesn’t work on everyone. Ask for the possible side effects. Ask for the disclaimer. Ask about expected side effects from the view of a doctor. And find out what the customers, who have tried it, went through when taking the medication.

  5. How long is the recommended duration to take the medication?

    Your doctor would know about this, and would have told you. It is also good to ask your pharmacist as well. This way, you can ask why it would take that long or inquire about the differences in the recommendation. It is always best to be sure.

  6. What can you do if you miss a dose of your medication?

    You need to be prepared for certain circumstances. Make sure that you also ask your specialist about what you should be doing. It does not take much to learn about emergency situations, because admit it – we cannot always assure obedience to the schedule of taking the medication. We may forget to take it or leave it at home. This is just for emergency situations.

  7. How is the medication supposed to be stored?

    Always know this. It’s general knowledge. Never forget to ask.

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