medicines in the pharmacy

For pharmacists, we present a guide for you when writing a prescription.

receipt and bottle of medicine

When reading a prescription, check for authenticity, check patients’ name, age, and address, check for the date of the prescription, and check the name and address of the physician who prescribed the medications.

A prescription may look simple at face value, but it is very important and it is a legal document, so it has to be written with precision and clarity. Patients must know what has to be in a prescription, and they need to be aware why such was prescribed.

When writing a prescription, especially for a compounded drug, be specific. The prescription should include the information on patients’ known allergies to any drug. The compounding pharmacy needs this to make sure that all substances compounded are safe and intended for the particular patients. Please note the medicines that need to be compounded, the generic name, and its active ingredient. Compounded medications are mixed and prepared out from common modern-day solutions, so when writing prescriptions to your patients, include dosage, drug form, and quantity.

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