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We can help you deal with issues that are affecting your reproductive organs.

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Urology is a specific branch of physiology and medicine that tackles the functions and disorders related to the urinary system. On the other hand, urogynecology is a sub-specialty of urology and gynecology, and it is also known as “Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery.” Urogynecology focuses on disorders of the female pelvic floor, such as urinary incontinence, constipation, pelvic organ prolapses, or other functional concerns.

Who benefits from Urology/Urogynecology compounding?

Both men and women can benefit from our urology/urogynecology compounding service. In men, our compounding service is beneficial for those with prostate issues, urinary tract infections, bladder prolapse, erectile dysfunction, and other reproductive issues. In women, we can help those with ovarian cysts, pelvic organ prolapse, painful periods coupled with heavy bleeding, chronic urinary infections, and more.

How can your Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida help me?

Our expert compounding pharmacists can prepare medications best suited to address your specific urology/urogynecology concerns. We will coordinate with your urologist or urogynecologist to ensure that our compounded medications are the best treatment option for you.

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