medicines in the pharmacy

Compounding covers a lot of illnesses and situations, which is why it is very beneficial for you.

receipt, tablets and capsules Compounded Medications come in many forms. It can be sterile or non-sterile.

Sterile Compounding

Sterile medications are those that come in a sealed container and are consumed immediately right after opening. Ampules for injections and nebules for inhalation are just two examples.


The non-sterile compounded medication comes in many forms. It can be a tablet, capsule, ointment, syrup, and the like.

Compounding as a Process

The compounding process depends on the requested form and also on the situation of the patient. For example, for GI tract infection, oral medications are most suitable for such cases. It is not just limited to one process. That is the reason why the compounding pharmacists have to communicate to the prescribing physicians just in case of clarifications. The number one goal of compounding is effectivity so the type of compounding should match patient’s needs.

What type of compounding is right for me?

You need to check with your physician first if compounded drugs are available for your prescription medications. You also need your physician to educate you with regard to compounded medications, how to take them, what the limitations are, and possible side effects, if any. Your physician can discuss the types of compounding and its benefits. You can then bring your compounding prescription to our Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida where our pharmacist will prepare the medication for you.