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Congratulations on your pregnancy! Keep your baby and yourself in great health with our help.

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The first six weeks after childbirth is known as the postpartum period. While it is a joyous, exciting time for new mothers, it is also a period of healing and adjustments. During these six weeks, it is important for new mothers to take care of themselves post-pregnancy. Postpartum care includes managing emotional and physical challenges after you give birth.

Who benefits from postpartum care compounding?

After giving birth, new mothers may experience a host of physical and emotional challenges including stretch marks, breastfeeding issues (i.e. milk letdown), and postpartum depression, among others. At Sunshine Pharmacy, we offer several compounded medications that can help address postpartum concerns and issues.

How can your Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida help me?

Our expert compounding pharmacists will take your needs into consideration and they can coordinate with your physician or ob-gyn to better understand your situation and care requirements. If, for instance, you suffer from postpartum depression (a mood disorder characterized by anxiety, irritability, extreme sadness, and low energy after childbirth), there are several medications that can help you.

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