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Never take your feet for granted. Take care of them as much as possible.

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Podiatry might be a new term to some. It is the study of the feet or lower extremities and its ailments. Our lower extremities carry us wherever we want to go, but we often forget to take care of it, and because of that, it is an easy target for bacteria. Modern science nowadays created oils, ointments, lotions, and powders to protect it from harmful bacteria, but is it ever enough? Have you heard about compounded medications as the answer to podiatry concerns?

Compounding Services for Podiatrists

Compounding is the process of preparing and mixing medications in a way that licensed professional podiatrists remove or add substances to potentiate the medication further to suit a patient’s needs. The podiatrist will coordinate with the compounding pharmacist in producing specialized medication for various treatments related to foot care. It is a new method of providing availability of the drug form. The best thing about compounding is that it uses known components and convert it to something else that’s more useful for podiatry patients. It isn’t just done by any pharmacy. Only compounding pharmacies like our Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida are licensed to do so.

How can your compounding pharmacy help me?

Sunshine Pharmacy offers compounding services in areas of Longwood, Lake Mary, and Sanford area. If you have a podiatry practice in these areas or if your podiatrist gave you a compounding prescription, call us and ask about our compounding services. We can even deliver our compounded medication for free to local delivery addresses.
You can also email us at for more information about compounding as an answer to podiatry.