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Finding medications that are safe for children isn’t easy, which is why we produce them ourselves.

mother carrying a child inside pharmacy


Pediatrics is a branch of medicine that deals with children and their diseases. In terms of pharmacy pediatrics, children typically pose several challenges; after all, it’s no secret that majority of children dislike taking their medications. For kids, there’s nothing fun about being sick and being required to drink medicine often makes it worse. While there’s no assurance that taking medicine will become a pleasurable event, Sunshine Pharmacy hopes that with our pediatrics compounding, kids will learn to take their medicine without much fuss.

Who benefits from Pediatrics compounding?

Children who are afraid of injections, who dislike the texture or taste of medication, have difficulty swallowing solid dosage forms, or are resistant to drinking medications can benefit from our pediatrics compounding service.

How can your compounding pharmacy help me?

With our compounding expertise, we can compound medications into pleasantly-flavored lollipops, solutions, “gummy bears,” lozenges, concentrates, solutions, suspensions, and more. Additionally, we can make medications colorful, making it look more enticing for children. We will take your children’s flavor preferences and favorite colors into consideration. By compounding their medication, we hope to make the medication-taking process an easier task.

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