medicines in the pharmacy

It is a legal and safe practice that could really benefit a lot of patients.

woman carrying basket for medicinesCompounding is generally safe. It is mixed, prepared, altered, and labeled based on the patients’ condition. In fact, it’s safer compared to most commercial drugs in the market. With compounded medications, physicians can make sure that the contents and substances in the drug are all geared towards the health condition of the patient. Compounding has been a proven and tested process already by the Food and Drug Administration, as long as it is being processed by licensed pharmaceuticals. Take note that compounding pharmacies have to follow strict guidelines when preparing medications. Additionally, the equipment used in a compounding laboratory have to be state-of-the-art and well-maintained.

The effectivity and safety of a compounded drug always depend on the physician’s prescription. The prescription will contain those medicines that need to be compounded. Also, in providing compounded drugs to patients, health education has to be done as well. It is part of the responsibilities of the compounding pharmacy to advise or remind patients about the use and purpose of the compounded drugs.

All compounded drugs are regulated and are only allowable with physician’s thorough examination of the patient’s condition. This means that the safety of a compounded drug is a joint responsibility of the patients’ physician, the patient, and our Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida. It is very important to emphasize that compounded medications are tailor-fitted medications for the patient’s health status. It is first and foremost specific to a particular patient, so it should not be shared with other patients. What works for one patient might result to negative side effects for others.