medicines in the pharmacy

Take your medications without worry and fear in your mind with the help of this process.

chemists inside laboratoryCompounding is the modern way of making sure that there is a cure or relief for all medical and health needs. Licensed professionals prepare, mix, pack, and label the medications using modern day technology to guarantee potency and effectivity. Compounded drugs are made of modern-day solutions that are common. This is being done while making sure that the same principle in a pharmaceutical process is being practiced.

It is the process of making sure that the medicine is available in different forms, and is applicable to all ages and various cases. Compounding is only done by licensed compounding pharmacies and facilitated by pharmacists or pharmacy technicians who have ample training in compounding procedures. These compounding pharmacies also need high-tech equipment to prepare different forms, dosages, and formulations of medications under a strictly controlled environment.

In compounding, patients have the ease and convenience of getting all the drug benefits with lesser side effects at all. This makes a big difference for patients who have specific needs because commercially-sold drugs are formulated to suit the needs of many and not just one. Compounding, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. One preparation and formula will be used for one patient at a time.

The authority in charge with the patients’ health works with the compounding pharmacy’s licensed professional to arrive at the exact preparation of the customized drug. These compounded medications can only be provided by our Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida as requested by your licensed physicians. It is specific to a patient’s condition, so it cannot be shared by one patient to another.