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The words hospice and palliative are often intertwined. To give a simple differentiation, palliative care begins with diagnosis then treatment right after or at the same time, whereas hospice care begins after treatment is stopped. Hospice is more on eliminating the pain. Both hospice and palliative care require lots of medications to stabilize the human body anatomically or physiologically. Those days of taking several different medications are far behind us now. We now have what we call compounded medications to reduce the adverse symptoms often associated with most terminal illnesses.

Who benefits from Hospice compounding?

Compounding is a pharmaceutical process of preparing the drug to maximize its effects and minimize possible harmful/uncomfortable side effects. Compounding pharmacies use modern age technology to make sure that drugs effects and dosages are perfectly calculated to fit patients’ needs—especially for those who struggle with cancer and other similar life-limiting illnesses.

It is customized to the specific health condition of the person who will take it. Immediate benefits of compounding include cost-effectiveness, reliability, and precision. Because of compounding capabilities, hospice and palliative care medications are more accessible and convenient.

How can your Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida help me?

Sunshine Pharmacy offers compounding services for your hospice and palliative medication needs. We deliver locally for free, that’s less hassle for all! Talk to us, call 407-878-42721 or you can also send us an email at