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Andropause or low-T are mostly experienced by men who are nearing older age.

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Testosterone in men normally decreases as they age. It emphasizes the masculinity of a man. There are certain instances that men may need hormone replacement therapy at an earlier age, that is if they are experiencing hypogonadism. It is the condition wherein the sex glands produce little or no sex hormones at all. It causes low or absent sex drive, erectile dysfunction or worst, infertility. This is not addressed immediately most of the time because of the absence of the essential medicines needed for the hormone replacement.

Hormone Replacement for Your Male Patients

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How can your compounding pharmacy help providers?

Do you have male patients who are suffering from reduced testosterone levels? If you prescribe them with BHRT for men, you’ll want to partner with a medication supplier who meets your quality standards. This is where our pharmacy can help.

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