medicines in the pharmacy

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Can I go to a pharmacy and ask for compounded medications?

Compounded medications are not available over the counter, and it’s not for sale just in any pharmacy. There are pharmacies who have licensed professional pharmacists who do the compounding. See your physician first if you wish for compounded medication to be used as treatment for your health condition. Your physician creates the request upon assessment and diagnosis. If a compounded drug is applicable for your condition, then you will be given a specific prescription, which you will bring to the compounding pharmacy.

Is compounding applicable for all drug forms?

Compounding is used as a modern way of making almost all medications available in different forms. It is not just limited to oral drugs. It is also applicable to ointments, lotions, antibiotics, and many more. You can check with your physician if compounding is applicable to your prescription drugs.

Is it covered by my insurance?

Most insurances cover for prescription medications. There might be a different process for compounded drugs, so you need to check with your insurance provider. For some providers, expenses on a compounded drug are refundable, so it’s really best that you inquire first because there might be a special procedure to include coverage for compounded medicines.

Is compounded medication safe for my kids?

Compounded medication is generally safe for all. Compounding pharmacies can alter the taste, flavor, and texture of the medicine so that your kids would find them more palatable. However, take note that compounded medications have to be prescribed by your licensed physician or your child’s pediatrician.