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Dermatology is the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders. The most common of skin disorders is contact dermatitis which a lot of dermatologists are familiar with. It is the condition we refer to as skin allergies. It is caused by direct contact with several substances. Although it’s not life-threatening, it can cause great discomfort. In treating contact dermatitis, you only need to identify the substance that has caused it, then avoid it. What if you already have the rashes and itches? This is where dermatology compounding comes in handy.

Who benefits from Dermatology compounding?

The medication can sometimes come in a topical form, it can be a lotion or ointment, or it could also come as an oral drug. Not all drugs can relieve the effects of contact dermatitis, and that’s where the convenience of compounding comes in. This means that no matter what your allergy is, there can be a specific mode of intake or application that suits you.
Compounding is a process of making a drug more effective and more specific to a condition. It’s like tailor fitting medicines when commercially available medications just don’t make the cut. These compounded medications are created so consumers wouldn’t need to buy more, thereby saving time and money all at once.

How can your compounding pharmacy help me?

Compounding Pharmacy is making pharmaceutical breakthroughs to make sure that consumers get their moneys’ worth. Sunshine Pharmacy mixes, prepares, packs, and labels medications with great supervision from licensed professionals. We can even coordinate with your dermatologist to ensure that the ingredients we use are apt to your specific condition.

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