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Maintaining the Proper Functionality of Your Wheelchair

Maintaining the Proper Functionality of Your Wheelchair

Wheelchairs aid individuals with mobility problems. Using a wheelchair allows one to move from place to place comfortably. It is important to purchase a durable wheelchair from a dependable retail pharmacy in Lake Mary so that you can safely take advantage of its function.

How long the mobility aid you bought will last depends on how you take care of it. Follow these recommendations about proper maintenance of your wheelchair.

  • Have a set of necessary tools handy.

    You need to prepare several tools necessary for minor or emergency repairs. Some of these tools include the following:

    • screwdriver
    • spoke and adjustable wrenches
    • lubricants
    • hand or bicycle pump

    Place these tools in a toolbox so you can easily find them when you need to make repairs. You can also put them in a pouch attached to the wheelchair.

  • Read the owner’s manual.

    If you need information about how to properly care for and maintain the wheelchair, the owner’s manual is your best friend. Read the manual beforehand. Keep it in a safe place so you can get back to it as your reference.

    If you have questions pertaining to details on the manual, you might want to ask the staff at the compounding pharmacy in Sanford, Florida where you got the wheelchair from.

  • Check the tires regularly.

    The tires should have the right pressure for the wheelchair to give you a smooth ride. One way to check tire pressure is to press on the tires. When the tires are hard, they’re good to go. If not, you will need to add more air to them.

    When inflating tires, use a hand or a bicycle pump, not the one you find at a gasoline station. Wheelchair tires can get damaged from the high-pressure air provided by the latter. If you need tire replacements, you can go to a bicycle shop.

  • Clean and inspect the frame regularly.

    Use a damp cloth when cleaning the frame. Check for cracks or loose nuts and bolts on the frame. Make sure that you repair those you find immediately. If not repaired, they can endanger your safety or anyone else sitting on the wheelchair. Do not forget to apply lubricant on the ball bearings, too.

  • Let a service dealer handle major repairs.

    If the wheelchair requires major repairs, send it to a service dealer. They surely have technicians who specialize in wheelchair repairs.

In case you need a new wheelchair, though, Sunshine Pharmacy is the best place to visit. We offer a wide variety of durable and affordable medical supplies in Seminole County. For assistance in choosing the right medical supply or mobility aids, our staff will be eager to help you. Visit us today!

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