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5 Essential Reminders for Parents When Giving OTC Drugs to Children

5 Essential Reminders for Parents When Giving OTC Drugs to Children

When your young ones are experiencing minor illnesses, you surely go directly to a retail or Compounding Pharmacy in Sanford, Florida to buy over-the-counter (OTC) drugs. But, you have to be careful when giving them OTC medicines. Here are reminders to take note of:

  1. Read and take note of the instructions on the label.

    The label has all the vital information that a consumer needs to know about the OTC drug. This information includes active and inactive ingredients, what the product is used for, and more. By reading the label, you will know which medicines work best to treat the illnesses that your children may have. Make sure that you follow what is on the label.

    Keep in mind, though, that reading labels does not only apply to OTC drugs. This also includes reading manuals when using Medical Supplies in Seminole county.

  2. Be mindful of the dosages.

    The dosages for adults are different from children. Remember, young ones are not small adults so it is wrong to give them half of an adult’s dosage. Reading the label will help you identify the right dosage for your little ones.

    Always keep an eye out for the correct dosing device. A dosing cup, a tablespoon, or a teaspoon has a specific volume in terms of medicine so you can’t just use a regular kitchen spoon. Make it a point to use the dosing cup provided along with the OTC drug.

  3. Talk to a doctor or pharmacist before giving two medications at the same time.

    Every Retail Pharmacy in Lake Mary has a wide selection of medicines with different ingredients. However, many of these ingredients do not sit well with each other. This means that an unwanted reaction can happen if they are taken at the same time.

    If your young ones are taking prescription medicines or you are trying to give them two medicines to treat two symptoms, always consult a healthcare professional first. This can be your doctor or the pharmacist. They can help figure out if taking both medicines can result in a reaction.

  4. Do not play doctor.

    Never attempt to be your children’s doctor unless you are, indeed, a doctor. There are many things involved in medications. Wrong use can put your young ones’ lives at risk. If you are confused about medicines and other health matters, do not hesitate to contact a physician.

  5. Follow storage procedures.

    Storage procedures can affect the formulation and effectiveness of the OTC drug. So, following what is printed on the label about how the product should be stored is important.

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